All in on Ali

When she’s not playing on the pitch for the US Women’s team, Ali Krieger used to play ball with FFC Frankfurt in the Germen women’s Bundesliga after a four-year career at Penn State, but she chose instead to come back to the US and was a part of the Women’s Professional Soccer league’s allocated players. 

The almost 27-year-old defensewoman and midfielder is also a sneaky hot smokeshow, which makes sense, she’s from Virginia and as the shirts have told me, Viriginia is for Lovers. With all the talent the US is fielding on the field, I can only hope that they are also talented at soccer. Regardless, I’m paying attention and that’s what’s most important.

Seriously, look at how adorably hot she is there. I want to lose myself in those baby brown eyes. Slide tackle me baby!

Ok. That was weird. I’m sorry.

I like you!

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