Wade Takes it to the Hole

Dwyane Wade took on LeBron James and the Cavaliers last night looking to slow down a Cleveland team that had won 9 in a row. Wade had his share of run-ins during the game, he was straight up posterized by JJ Hickson on one play and twice he was knocked to the ground by former teammate Shaquille O’Neal, but at least for one moment he was able to demolish the Cavaliers.


My favorite part of this is how upset Big Z gets at Jawad Williams after Wade just BLOWS past him. Williams clearly thought he had big man help, despite Z yelling out that he had NO help while at the same time taking a terrible defensive position, leaving himself wide open for Wade to drive past him. If I were Jawad, I’d try and avoid angering the 7′ 3″ Lithuanian giant.

Wade finished with 24 points but it wasn’t enough as the Heat fell 102-84.