Vuvuzela Importer Now Selling Ear Plugs

vuvuzela2The biggest complaint so far in this World Cup has come from the viewers on television who have found the ubiquitous vuvuzela horns deafening and distracting. The players on the pitch have also complained about the noise, saying it’s difficult to hear one another as they play.

One man, Neil van Schalkwyk, is responsible for the buzzing vuvuzelas that have taken over the games, but he has come up with a solution after FIFA announced that they weren’t going to ban the horns at the stadiums. After introducing the horns to the market, and seeing ear plugs sell out at pharmacies across South Africa, van Schalkwyk has partnered with Uthango Social Investments to sell ear plugs to drown out the sounds from his own noise-makers. Clever girl.

Even smarter, where most of the earplugs that sold out were running about 20 Rand, van Schalkwyk’s cost R25.

The entrepreneur’s earplugs are manufactured by 120 South Africans with disabilities and a portion of the sales goes directly to them, as well as helping Uthango.

While the charitable aspect is nice, I love the fucking hubris of this guy, first he sells the thing that causes everyone the trouble, then he sells the ear plugs to drown them out.

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