Vin Scully Learns About Mullets On-Air

When it comes to baseball blogs on the Internet there isn’t anyone who does more interesting or consistently excellent work than Larry over at Wezen-Ball, today he has one of the most enthralling Vin Scully exchanges I’ve ever seen/read/heard. During Colorado Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki’s at-bat cuts in mid-sentence

…made an off-balance throw and he got Blake at first base and, in reading the Colorado paper about the game, they said his throw was just a little bit longer than the mullet that he wears. 


And I remember reading that and I thought ‘Mullet? Mullet’s a fish!’ So, we went on the computer and it’s both! It’s a hairdo and a fish. But there’s nothing fishy about this kid – he can really play. Troy batting .321. 

Hiroki Kuroda made 90 pitches in the first five innings, so you know he’s on thin ice. And down in the bullpen George Sherrill begins to loosen up. 

0-2 to Tulo with three left handers in a row to follow him. That would be Smith, Helton and Stewart. 


Is the mullet another word for like a ponytail? I mean, I’m trying to look at it. Where’s the mullet? it’s not a ponytail 

Tulowitzki strikes out swinging.

Oh! We’ll watch him go back to the dugout. 


Can you tell anything about that now? When he takes his hat off maybe… 

It’d be my luck, he won’t take the helmet off, right? We just talked about it… 

Ah… alright now… so it’s just a lot of hair, the mullet?

Fucking AWESOME. I LOOOOOOOVE Vin Scully. I wish there were a way to watch any baseball game and just have Vin Scully be announcing. Like the SAP button but the VIN button, I’ll watch the Red Sox take on the Angels while Vin calls the Dodgers/Rockies game, no problem.

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks but Vin is 82 and just learned what a mullet is, so I’d say “they” are wrong.