Tiger Woods Leads Scumbags to Money

The Tiger Woods story won’t completely fade away, mainly because now as many scumbags as possible are trying to get in on the action and make some cash off of it. For instance, the douches behind Tailofthetiger.com saw dollar signs and so have made a set of 12 golf balls emblazoned, badly, with poor cartoon versions of Tiger’s paramours. 


I’m all for entrepreneurship but this is just sleazy and cheap. Also lame!

They aren’t the only ones to look to take advantage of the situation and Tiger’s newfound notoriety. The Deja Vu Showgirls strip club in San Diego has taken to flying a banner around Torrey Pines where the PGA is this weekend with the message: “We Miss You Tiger…Deja Vu Showgirls.”



“We think it’s hilarious, kind of like a ‘Saturday Night Live’ skit or something on Jay Leno,” said manager Dakota Kelley. Which frankly says a lot about the state of mainstream comedy.

Dakota also told his dancers to answer the phone saying, “We miss you Tiger,” and hopes that the publicity will lead to better attendance at his maison derriere

“I don’t want to say that golf people are our target market, but they are people with more disposable income,” Kelley said. “And we’ve got a lot of tourists in town for this weekend for the event.”