Tiger Woods’ First New Ad

As the Tiger Woods redemption tour makes its first stop at the Masters, starting today, Nike has unveiled a new ad for their Tiger-based golf line. The ad features Tiger’s father Earl’s voice dubbed in while an motionless Tiger listens.

The commercial itself is nothing special, but the mindset behind it is great and I really like it. Nike recognized that they HAD to acknowledge Tiger’s misdeeds, that ignoring them was idiotic and could ultimately hurt the brand. Considering how much the company has invested in Tiger as one of the faces of their company, they have to rehabilitate his image as best as possible and as quickly as possible.

It’s certainly bizarre, but Nike is going to generate buzz with this ad and that’s the first big step.


I am disappointed they didn’t use the new goateed angry-looking Tiger. I for one hope that Tiger embraces the bad-guy mantra, becomes that guy that most of America roots against, but secretly roots for. He’s already embraced the most important part of changing sides, at least in the wrestling world, grow a goatee and you’re INSTANTLY showing your heel side.

I hope he wins the Masters by 15 strokes and then just walks off the course without even getting his trophy and jacket.