Tiger Gets a New Sponsorship Offer

tiger-woods-mastersTiger Woods may have lost some of his sponsors but, now that he’s back on the course and doing what he does best, the sponsors are slowly circling him once more.

The latest offer Tiger has received is for a lucrative $100 million! Bodogbrand.com, an online gambling site has made the 10-figure offer but has included one catch — no morality clause.

“If Tiger would just come clean and admit he likes to do the same things I like to do, I think he’d fit our brand perfectly,” Canadian-born billionaire and Bodog founder Calvin Ayre told CTV.

“As is always the case in these situations it is the fact that you are living a life that is not true that actually causes the problem. If he’d just come clean and admit ‘This is who I am’ that I think there would be a lot of opportunity for him with a different image.”

The offer has been out there for several months now, without an official rejection from Woods or his officials, so who knows, maybe he’s mulling!