Thongs, Sibling Crotch Rubbing and Schindler’s List!

The Ice Dancing competition final free-skate was held Monday night and it didn’t disappoint. If you were looking for hot sibling-on-sibling action, or creepy videos of children dancing, you were in the right place. Israel’s team, Alexandra and Roman Zaretsky finished in 10th for the Olympics, but were #1 in the awkward factor — and I know more than a little about being awkward.

First, the brother/sister combo were skating to music from Schindler’s List, but that was also a tribute to the 27 family members who were killed by the Nazis. That’s actually rather sweet. Then came the uncomfortable crotch rubbing. Also, as their skate progressed, Alexandra’s underwear morphed into a thong, which was an added bonus for the crowd.

So, let’s tally it all up. Schindler’s List + siblings rubbing crotches + unintentional thong = incredibly awkward television.

Of course, NBC didn’t show the Israeli’s, instead going to skiing, so Americans were left without this special moment — until now! Click this link for the video of their performance to enjoy the awkwardness yourself.