This Man Has the Biggest Balls in the World

I’m all for challenging oneself to reach newer and more difficult heights, but sometimes you can just get absolutely bat-shit insane in the process. For instance, Dean Potter, 38, is constantly on the lookout for new adrenaline rushes and pushing himself and his body to the limits, previously he’s done such insane stunts like balancing on a 30-foot slack rope without any safety equipment hundreds of feet in the air.

However, Potter’s favorite adrenaline producing activity is free-basing — not crack cocaine, although that would be safer and smarter — a combination of rock climbing without a rope or safety equipment and base jumping.

His latest stunt involved him climbing up the 13,000 foot face of Eiger Mountain in Switzerland, upon reaching the summit he then jumped OFF the mountain, with only the 6 pound parachute on his back. Because that’s normal.

Don’t get me wrong, this sounds like an incredibly AWESOME time, so long as you don’t die on the way up.

Along with his friend and climbing buddy Beat Kammerlander, Potter has free-climbed the Eiger now multiple times, clearly the thrill is still there. It must be nice to have balls the size of curling stones.


Thanks to Beat’s camera work, here are two videos (one after the jump) from the climb, the first is the ascent and the second the much more exciting return to Earth.

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