The Return of the Hot Olympian of the Day!

chemmy-alcott-1To honor the games and the people participating in them, The Slanch Report will be bringing you TWICE DAILY the Hot Olympian of the Day. We will bring you every day two otherwise likely unknown-to-you Olympians who, while maybe not quite worthy of a place on the medal stand, certainly are worth being placed on a pedestal for us to enjoy. Celebrate them all on the Hot Olympians page.

Tops in the alphabet and tops in my heart, competing in her third straight Olympics, Chimene “Chemmy” Alcott is the top-ranked British skier but that hasn’t translated to Olympic success as yet. The 27-year-old, who is a mere 10 days older than me, won her first competition at age 11 and hasn’t looked back since. At age 12, she broke her neck in a skiing accident which left her with two fused vertebrae but was back on the slopes in no time, and hasn’t had any other serious issues.

She’s also adorably cute and a perfect way to get the Hot Olympians — Vancouver off to a beautiful start. Don’t get too fresh with her though, Chemmy has climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro and is considering participating in the London Summer Games as a boxer. Based on the photo below, I’d say she’s already a knockout.


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