The Official Beer Sponsor of the NFL is…

budweiser_girls-2After 8 years as the NFL’s official beer sponsor, Coors has been replaced by Anheuser-Busch. While the financial terms have not been announced, the new 6-year contract (reportedly DOUBLE what Coors was paying) gives Budweiser exclusive rights during the Super Bowl, and the right to claim it as the OFFICIAL beer of the NFL, which, as we know, is the ONLY criterion beer purchasers use when looking in the cooler.

Before Coors took over their mantle in 2002, Budweiser was the NFL’s sponsor from 1988-2001.

Coors will still be a part of the NFL landscape, having individual deals in place with 22 of the teams, the only hope though is that somehow this leads to a retiring of the trite and banal Coors coaches commercials. Since that is not a part of the Anheuser exclusivity deal, that’s unlikely.

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