The Derby’s Fashions are TERRIBLE

The Kentucky Derby is one of the most celebrated sporting events in the US, generating hours of empty television coverage in anticipation of 2 minutes of sporting pleasure. No wonder so many old men are into it, they’re used to quick starts and finishes.

The thing that makes truly no sense though are the fashions. Everyone has seen some of the ridiculous hats people sport at the race, the reason WHY spectators opt to wear them is beyond me. I mean, how can you walk around with some of these monstrosities on your head and not realize how much of a giant gaping asshole you are?

Thankfully, Sports Illustrated assembled some of the most outrageous and bizarre hat choices for us to all laugh at. No wonder America’s reputation worldwide has gone down, look at these douchenozzles representing us!

The hot women can wear whatever they want, that’s one thing, but the men wearing these are especially embarrassing. Get a life dudes. And make sure to check out the full gallery as you’ll be shocked, awed and horrified all at once.