The Cubs Play Two (People Banging in a Stall)

Spring is in the air in Chicago, the baseball season has begun and it can do only thing to red-blooded sausage-filled beer-swilling Chicagoans, make them hornier than the goat that cursed the Cubs.

We saw that White Sox fans can’t help but get busy at the stadium, and Cubs fans, owners of an inferiority complex that Napoleon would be envious of, don’t like to be considered second-class citizens. There’s only one thing a Cubs fan can do; get even.

The person taking the video says in his description of the video that he “noticed a bit of a wide stance, then a pair of pink sandals…..then I started the tape.” Cubs security came in to take the amorous pair out, amidst much hooting and hollering among the bleacher bathroom patrons.

[Windy Citizen]

Sigh, being in a rush, I failed to notice that this video was in fact from 2007. Ooops! Good thing I’m not a real journalist…Anyhoo, the point still stands, Chicagoans like bathroom banging. Also, I hate the new layout on Youtube as things that are useful are now placed in useless places, important things like THE DATE.