The 49’ers Are Dangerous Men

It’s been that that if you “mess with the bull, you get the horns,” and that statement was very true during Monday night’s Saints/49’ers contest. While the 49’ers didn’t pull out a victory, they presented several memorable moments. First there is head coach Mike Singletary, not someone you’d want to trifle with back in his playing days running far down, and ultimately onto the field in order to get the attention of the refs in order to call a timeout. When he doesn’t get paid attention to, he is very dissatisfied with the referee…

Then there is All World linebacker Patrick Willis who is quite simply a BEAST on the field. He’s everywhere at once and when he hits you it’s like a sledgehammer attached to a truck slamming into your chest. Don’t believe me, ask Reggie Bush who was the victim of this brutality.

[H/T to Jose3030 for the Singletary pic]