Texas High School Gets a $60M Stadium

allen-eagles-stadiumEverything is bigger in Texas. I get that. But the denizens of Allen, a north Dallas suburb are going to Brobdingnagian lengths with their latest civic construction project, a brand new $59.6 million football stadium.

With 2 tiers of seating, 4 concession stands, 12 restrooms and a video scoreboard, this 18,000 seat stadium will put to shame many college division 1 programs.


“The community supports our kids in everything: Football, baseball, basketball, band,” Allen coach Tom Westerberg said. “It isn’t just athletics. They really support us with everything we do.

“The new stadium has been discussed for a number of years and the bond was passed. We are very excited to get this project done and get in there and play.”

The stadium’s funding comes primarily from a $120 million bond the city has passed that also nearly the same amount of funds for includes a state-of-the-art performing arts auditorium. So at least the money isn’t going SOLELY to high school football.

Since 2004, the Allen Eagles have gone 67-12, including winning the Texas state 5A championship in 2008, this past season the team played at the Cowboy’s new stadium in front of 50,000 fans.

Tim Carroll, the school district’s public information director doesn’t see the cost as exorbitant, “(The cost) may appear high to other parts of the country, but it compares to what people are doing here,” he said. “It becomes an economy of scale.”

You can even take a virtual tour of the new stadium, set to open in 2012, by clicking here. Looks nice!

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