Tanith You Can Believe In

tanith-belbin-098To honor the games and the people participating in them, The Slanch Report will be bringing you TWICE DAILY the Hot Olympian of the Day. We will bring you every day two otherwise likely unknown-to-you Olympians who, while maybe not quite worthy of a place on the medal stand, certainly are worth being placed on a pedestal for us to enjoy. 
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Born and raised in Canada, Tanith Belbin became an American through an act of Congress signed by President Bush; Belbin’s citizenship was rushed through in order that she might be able to compete in the 2006 Olympics. She and her skating partner, Ben Agosto, rewarded that generosity by earning silver in Italy. Since Turin, Belbin and Agosto have multiple first place finishes, several Nationals championships and some silver finishes in international competition. 

Belbin is in the elite group of American female athletes given special sponsorship deals with Procter and Gamble thanks to her good looks, joining fellow Hot Olympians like Allison Baver and Lindsey Vonn as part of campaigns across the family of P&G products. The 25-year-old is expected to retire from ice dancing after these games, but considering how attractive she is, and her crossover appeal, I’d be astonished if Tanith doesn’t keep showing up on our televisions and in our magazines for many years to come.


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