Strasburg is Setting the Baseball Card World Aflame Too

bcstrassuperfrontHe hasn’t even come up to pitch in the majors yet, (June 4th perhaps?) but Stephen Strasburg is already on his way to having one of the most valuable baseball cards. Right now, there’s an eBay auction for the ONLY Stephen Strasburg “Superfractor” card from the 2010 Bowman Chrome series and it runs for a mere $15,000 right now after 81 bids.

The Bowman “Superfractors” are supposed to be among the hardest to find cards, and as such are eagerly desired by collectors. The 2006 Evan Longoria Superfractor, also 1/1, reportedly hasn’t been found yet and could be worth over $10,000.

The card, which features a real autograph from Strasburg was pulled by a collector who posts on the Freedom Cardboard messageboard, has become the most watched auction on eBay with over 6,000 people watching it to see what happens. It ends Saturday at 3pm EST, so if you have a spare $15+K lying around, get to spending that money.

This economy isn’t going to just recover on its own!

[Big League Stew]

(if the eBay link doesn’t work, I took a screengrab of the auction you can see by clicking HERE)