Strasburg Ball Sells for 20K

strasburg-ball-olbermannIn his fabulous debut Stephen Strasburg struck out 14 batters with style, power and finesse. It was a masterful performance. MLB officials were on hand to authenticate all the balls used by the rookie phenom, and ever ones to capitalize on an opportunity, put several of the balls up for sale on MLB’s auction site.

To start the 2nd inning, Strasburg struck out Pittsburgh’s Garrett Jones and MLB snagged the ball. They put it up for sale and the auction ended Tuesday evening. With a starting price of $300, the bidding rose quickly and the final price, $20,010 certainly exceeded any expectations MLB had. The buyer was particularly interesting.

User Merkle923, who was the winning bidder, is no other than MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann. Over the last few years Olbermann has, using the Merkle923 account, bid on a number of baseball items, through MLB and other auction sites, particularly on baseball cards. Clearly though he wanted to own this piece of Strasburg’s epic debut and have it join his memorabilia collection. Considering he makes upwards of $4M a year, I don’t think this cash outlay will hurt Olbermann’s bottom line.

Still, $20,010 for a rookie’s ball? I know Strasburg is god, but still, what happened to patience?

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