Spanish Goalie Gets Interrogated By His Girlfriend Live on TV

Fresh off a surprising and potentially devastating loss to Switzerland, the Spanish team, a big time favorite to win the Cup found themselves having to answer for their disappointing play on the pitch. In particular, goalie Iker Casillas, as the last line of defense, was held to blame for the 1-0 loss.

After the match, Casillas was interviewed by Sara Carbonero — a sports reporter who was also voted the Sexiest Journalist in the World — which normally would be pretty awesome, except for the bad taste the loss left in all of Spain’s fans’ mouths. Casillas also has some history with the lovely Carbonero, specifically, she’s his girlfriend.

That didn’t lead to him getting any preferential treatment though from her, at least ON air. “How did you muck that up?” she asked him on live TV.


“I don’t know what to say,” he responded, looking despondent and at the ground, “I don’t know if this defeat will have consequences. The dressing room is fed up.”

Carbonero found herself also being bashed by Spanish supporters, some of whom blame her presence behind the net during the match as a possible distraction and directly lead to Casillas not making the key save to stop Switzerland. Fans were/are concerned Casillas’ mind was on “other things.” Because, clearly, in the biggest game of his life the goalie is going to ignore the bouncing ball in front of him and instead think about running his hands all over the luscious, soft skin of his ridiculously hot girlfriend as together they experience indescribable pleasure.

I mean, I couldn’t concentrate, but even normally I’m — OH! I found a quarter in the couch!


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