South Africa’s Police are Kill Joys

portugal-fanThe police in South Africa are giant spoil sports. While hundreds of Portuguese fans awaited a glimpse of their team leaving King Shaka Airport en route to their Friday match against Brazil the police warned the bystanders that flashing the players would not be tolerated.


The fans were left to blow kisses and wave at the players but were denied from their preference, showing off boobs.

One fan, Chantelle De Sousa, 18, was particularly disappointed since she was hoping to draw the attention of her “husband” Cristiano Ronaldo by showing him her hee-hees. De Sousa’s grandfather, who was standing next to her was more concerned with the team’s showing at the tournament and remained guardedly optimistic.

I can’t believe the totalitarian police refused to let the fans flash the players, if you can’t show millionaire’s who sleep with models your amateur breasts while your grandfather looks on, than I’m not sure you can really call this tournament a proper World Cup. Maybe I’m just old school…