Snowboarders Have Potty Mouths

Wednesday night was a phenomenal night of Olympics for Americans, one superstar after another took his or her turn on top of the podium and in the process justified all the cash NBC has spent promoting them. For my money, Shaun White’s victory was the most impressive, just because it was sheer domination, he was so far beyond the rest of the field that it never was really close.

NBC managed to capture a special moment between White and US snowboard coach Bud Keene before White took his victory run. First off, is there a cushier position than being the snowboarding coach? I’m guessing he spends 90% of his time drinking and smoking pot. On second though, where do I sign up for that? It turns out that Keene needs to get his mouth washed out with soap after dropping a bunch of swears live on-air. I for one appreciated it. Fuck NBC and their tape-delays, and so when they are live, I fully support messing with them.

sorry about the low volume, something is busted in my camera I think, but I’m working on it.