Shea Goodbye to the Mets Organist

jane-jarvisFor fifteen years fans at Shea Stadium were serenaded by the jazzy tones of the in-stadium organist, Jane Jarvis. Starting her career as a jazz pianist, Jarvis became the Milwaukee Braves organist for 10 years before switching over to the Mets in 1964.

When she started her career as an organist it was less from a passion for the game than a need to fill her bank account. “I wasn’t a sports fan, and I was uncertain about doing it,” she told The New York Times in 1984. “But money overcame my worries.” However, after her tenure with the Braves, by the time she came to New York she was a big-time baseball fan. 

When she wasn’t performing at Shea, Jarvis worked at the Muzak Corporation in addition to her performing around New York in jazz groups. Recently she was performing with the Statesmen of Jazz, a group featuring all over-65 performers. 

Early this morning, at age 94, Jarvis passed away at the Lillian Booth Actor’s Home in Englewood, NJ where she had been forced into after her East Side apartment became unlivable thanks to a building collapse next door. 

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