Secretariat’s Son Not Invited to Movie Premiere

country-sideUsually when they make a video about your Dad you get a ticket to the premiere and get a chance to hobnob with all the stars of the movie. Not so for Country Side, the oldest surviving son — and one of only 5 still alive — of the famed Secretariat.

While the Disney movie featuring his sire opens on Friday, Country Side will be where he always is, Needville, Texas on the farm of Jocelyn and Jeff Kasmir. At age 25, 6 years older than his father was when he died, Country Side lives a pretty sweet life. He spends all day out in broad pastures roaming at his leisure, and then of course there’s being a big-time stud.

On the track Country Side was never able to live up to his father’s greatness, racing 24 times and winning only twice but having the bloodlines of one of the last Triple Crown winners running through him is still a big deal. Country Side remains in high demand for breeding, he’s sired 107 foals (at $1,500 a pop), 47 of them thoroughbreds and has another 5 due this spring.

Unfortunately being good at impregnating female horses isn’t enough to earn one a ticket to a Hollywood premiere. Then again, can you imagine how frustrating it would have been to be the guy sitting BEHIND Country Side in the theater?

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