Score a GOAAAAALLLLL With Every Bathroom Trip

football-urinal-sieveWorld Cup fever has swept the globe, I got a real bad case of it, and the only thing to cope is to give in over to it, but what is one to do when the games aren’t on, or worse, over? There’s only one thing really to do, incorporate the World Cup and soccer into every aspect of your life and if there’s one place where men need help concentrating it’s at the urinal.

Never fear! Here comes the Klokicker, a soccer-themed urinal sieve shaped like a goal even with a special ball on the “pitch.” As you unleash your attacking stream the ball CHANGES COLOR, which is guaranteed to enthrall and entertain men for HOURS, especially if they’ve been engaging in drinking some adult beverages.

The makes of the Klokicker tout that it is “Ideal for:

  • Football clubs :: Sports clubs :: Stadiums
  • Fanclubs :: Fan bars :: Bars
  • Discotheques :: Hotels :: Restaurants
  • Airports :: Train stations :: Camping sites
  • Beer gardens :: and many others.”

And how can you argue! I want one of these for my apartment and I don’t even have a urinal. Maybe I’ll just hang it in the shower — don’t tell the roommates!

There’s no word whether the makers put the ball in the sweetspot of the urinal preventing splashback, that just might be too smart an addition for this product.