Say Hi to Our Friends!

As we get our bearings and get used to all these changes that are underfoot with the Slanch Report, we thought it’d be nice to take a visit and check out some of the other kickass blogs around the ol’ blogging network. The first one is Real Fake Sports which is one of my favorite sites and does, you guessed it, fake sports! Also, they’re hilarious and clever and interesting and many other similar words. Take for instance this tasty bit from my favorite article today: 

ESPN Dallas Forces City To Establish Local Sports Media

Due to the success of ESPN’s ESPN Dallas, the city has been forced to establish its own local sports media. Initial plans in Dallas include the start-up of a large sports department for the Dallas Morning News, as well as sports segments on the local news.

“I can’t believe it took the launch of ESPN Dallas for us to realize that we needed some medium to report on the happenings in the Dallas sports world,” said a member of the city’s Sports Commission. “How did we not think of this sooner? We do all of these things to promote Dallas/Ft. Worth sports, and to follow our favorite teams, and we didn’t even have a large scale local media! Can you believe that?”

[Real Fake Sports]