Russia’s Curling Captain Makes My Heart Skip

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At the tender age of 19, Russia’s Liudmila Privivkova served as the skip for her nation’s curling squad. Despite her precocious rise in the sport, the team finished in 7th in Turin. Everyone’s favorite odd game, curling, saw huge ratings at those games and so NBC is planning on giving a healthy dose of curling to the masses this time around. So long as the lovely Liudmila is on the screen, it’s fair to say we ALL win.

Now 23, Liudmila still serves as the skip, but her team’s chances have not improved. Still, neither you nor I can say we were a two-time Olympian before the age of 24. And I’m certainly not a super-cute blonde either. You got me there Liudmila. Actually, you can have me anywhere.


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