Rams Fans Are Falling For Their Loveable Losers

rams_failThe St. Louis Rams walked off the field yesterday losers, their season over after the 49’ers defeated them 28-6. With the loss the 1-15 Rams “earned” the number one pick in this year’s draft, congratulations! As the team slunk off the field in shame, two fans in the stands showed the team the true meaning of heart. 

After many NFL games, especially season finales, many of the players will toss some of their equipment into the stands for the fans. On Sunday, despite being demolished once more, several of the Rams did just that, after all, it was literally the least they could do to show penance to their fans. However, two fans who were desperate for a shoe that one of the players threw into the crowd managed instead to fall OUT of the stands. 

One was injured enough that he required a gurney to take him to the hospital, coach Steve Spagnuolo reported later that neither fan was seriously hurt. 

You’ve got to be a true fan to be diving and jumping after the shoes of a 1-15 team; unless of course you’re going to do some sort of voodoo curse on the item and the player, in which case I fully support this effort.