Phillies Deliver Food to Your Seat Via Iphone App

The Philadelphia Phillies, in conjunction with MLB’s Advanced Media department, have become the pilot program for a new Iphone application that makes the fan experience at the park a bit nicer. Via the already sweet MLB At Bat app, the Phillies, Aramark and MLB Advanced Media are adding an “At the Ballpark” section to the program that gives fans a number of interactive options within the stadium.

mlb-at-batThe main part of the change is that fans will now be able to order food from stadium vendors directly from their phones and have it delivered to their seats without missing any of the action in front of them.

“It’s our hope that we’re taking a cool real-time data app and enhancing it for fans at the game,” said Adam Ritter, VP of wireless at MLBAM. “It’s really just one more component.”

Fans will be able to purchase the food through the app with a credit card and the food will be delivered in 30 minutes or less. So far, in the testing phase the times have been about half that. At Citizen’s Bank Park fans can order such fare as cheesesteaks, Tony Luke’s roasted pork, Bull’s BBQ turkey sandwich, Planet Hoagie’s Italian hoagie and Eastern Shore crab cake sandwiches along with chips and a brownie for $12-19. For the moment, there’s no beer delivery.

“We wanted to offer a menu that represented the uniqueness of the food offerings at the park,” Phillies director of marketing and special projects Mike Harris said. “These aren’t your traditional hot dogs.”

“It’s convenient, it’s cool and it’s quick,” Harris continued. “Our fans are going to have the opportunity to have more at their seats. … They are primarily specialty items that are not available in all areas.”

The eventual goal is to have all of the stadium’s vendors hooked up to the system, for the moment though the trial period only runs through the end of the regular season with a possibility of being extended into the postseason.

Ritter’s goal is to have the kinks worked out and the system ready to roll out to all 30 major league stadiums for the start of next season.

I’m hungry already.