Olympics Opening Ceremonies

I’m live twittering the opening ceremonies. Come join me. @slanchreport


For the full running commentary go to my Twitter page.

Otherwise, a few of my choicest bon mots after the jump

  • no one shows hot chicks in the crowd like NBC’s Olympics director…
  • “luger,” there’s a word you don’t want to slur…
  • Sweden. I want to go to there.
  • there are few things more useless than a blimp shot of an arena
  • Only one question: Where is Getty Lee? 
  • i’m taking bets on who the person to light the torch is, 10,000:1 it’s John Candy
  • you know how i know you’re gay? you rollerblade in unison
  • slam poetry. Finally! Canadians KNOW entertainment
  • Seriously, no one does hotties-in-the-crowd shots like NBCs Olympics director.
  • Michael J Fox as the torch lighter? #ourparkinsonsbeatsyours #eatitatlanta
  • mild applause for god. #courtingdisaster
  • kd lang looks like david arquette #idontknowwhothatsworsefor
  • Sleeper pick for the torch lighting, rick moranis

There’s plenty more great bits like that on my page, so check it out!

Also, here are two of the best comments I saw from other people during the ceremonies:

HeyhomeeFor everyone that’s high at the #Olympics #OpeningCeremonies right now, the Burger King @ Main & Terminal is 24 hrs.

davewritesThey’re honouring BC’s “Peaks of Endeavour” and yet Pamela Anderson is nowhere to be seen.