Nyjer Morgan Gets Beat Up

When I went to a Mets/Nationals game early this season we spent the entire game yelling at Nationals center fielder Nyjer Morgan. He took it in good humor, dishing it back and playing with and to the crowd. In the last two weeks though he has had several incidents on the field that led up to his beatdown Wednesday night at the hands of the Marlins.

First Morgan threw a ball into the stands with intent to hurt, then he bumped a catcher with his shoulder when he scored, then he ran OVER a catcher when it wasn’t totally necessary. All these things led up to last night when he had to know the Marlins were going to be throwing at him after injuring their catcher the night before.

First at-bat, the Marlins plunk him. He took it like a man and went to first base. It’s all part of the game. He then proceeded to steal second and third. Fine. I’m ok with that. The Marlins made their point, now you want to give up a free base and can’t throw him out when he steals that’s YOUR fault, not his. Marlins pitcher Chris Volstad disagreed. When Morgan came up again Volstad threw behind him, Morgan thought about it for a hot second and then he was off, heading to the mound with a fist ready. He got one good chance before Marlins first baseman Gaby Sanchez straight up clotheslined Morgan and the beatdown was on.

In terms of brawls this was a pretty fun one; providing you weren’t Mr. Morgan at the bottom of the pile…