North Korea TV Gets the World Cup

north-koreaComing off a surprisingly solid performance against top-ranked Brazil, North Korea (FIFA world ranking 105) managed to hang on and even score against the Brazilians, falling 2-1 Tuesday. Now, North Korea’s citizens can enjoy the games courtesy of the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union who will offer free live coverage of the matches.

While the APBU officials insist the North Koreans have their own signal, the South Koreans and the US State Department have alleged that the North has been pirating the television signal from the South.

Even though the signal is available live, the sole North Korean television channel is broadcasting the games at least a day after the fact, presumably just to fuck with the citizens.

The North Koreans had their own commentators, who apparently “dryly narrated the South Korea-Greece game and offered mostly background information on the teams’ rankings and general game rules. They expressed little excitement at a goal by South Korea’s Park Ji-sung and calmly offered analysis into the technical skills leading to South Korea’s 2-0 victory.”