Noens is a Yes in My Book

nastasia-noens-098To honor the games and the people participating in them, The Slanch Report will be bringing you TWICE DAILY the Hot Olympian of the Day. We will bring you every day two otherwise likely unknown-to-you Olympians who, while maybe not quite worthy of a place on the medal stand, certainly are worth being placed on a pedestal for us to enjoy.
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French alpine skier Nastasia Noens only secured her spot for the games a few weeks ago, but when she did she got the chance to meet and shake hands with French President Nicholas Sarkozy, so that’s something. The 20-year-old beauty’s father is a former member of the French national water polo team and she grew up in the truly beautiful city of Nice. Starting from the age of 3, Noens was on the slopes in the winter and in the pool swimming the rest of the year. Ultimately, Noens chose the outdoors world of skiing to the chlorinated pool, but retains a love of water and the ocean, it seems to have worked out pretty well.

Having won the French Juniors in 2005 and 2006, the young Noens may not be ready for a medal in her first Olympics, but she has shown her skill on the slopes and could very well be a strong medal contender come the 2014 games.


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