Narcs Put Bikini Races on Hold in Australia

queensland-bikini-raceThe planned race at the Bundall horse racing track in Queensland, Australia featuring 150 bikinied women on the track has been disappointingly canceled. The race, which would have featured a $5,000 purse — cash, not bag — as the prize, was to have the women starting the race in barrier stalls before Queensland Racing chairman Bob Bentley stepped in and put the kibosh on the plans.

“This does nothing for the image of making the Gold Coast a city of repute. So we won’t sanction it, it won’t go ahead,” Brently told reporters. What a narc!

While the Bikini Track Sprint has its detractors, organizer Andrew Eggleston insists that the race is not “for floozies in bikinis” and would feature elite runners and beach sprinters in addition to raising money for surf lifesaving.

“It’s going to be quite an event – we’ve already had phone calls from interstate clubs wanting to run heats next year. Everyone could be a winner out of this,” Eggleston said.

If they are unable to get full approval from the Queensland Racing authorities Eggleston intends to still hold the race, in front of the grandstand, rather than on the track.

I for one pledge the full support of the Slanch Report behind this important and valuable addition to the cultural landscape. Race away ladies!

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