Mike Brown Isn’t Being Rude for Not Returning Your Call

mike-brown-0056Rajesh Kumar, 24, recently finished his Master’s in Engineering at NYU, in 2008, for a month, he lived in Cleveland. While there, he acquired a cell phone and got a 216 area code number that he’s kept ever since.

Early on he realized that someone else had previously had the number, and after games Kumar would occasionally get text messages from random people or messages. Going on Google, the cricket fan figured out who Mike Brown was and put together that he must have his old number. It wasn’t a big deal though because the messages and such were infrequent. Until this weekend.

Late Sunday night, after Cleveland Cavaliers coach Mike Brown was fired, Kumar’s phone starting blowing up with calls, particularly unusual since he normally only gets one or two calls a day.

“I have gotten over 150 phone calls since (Monday),” Kumar said. “I took a nap and I woke up and I had 37 voice mail messages. I thought Mike Brown must have lost a big match.”

It’s nice that Mike Brown has so many supporters, although, clearly these people aren’t THAT close if they don’t know that he changed his number nearly 3 years ago.

Kumar, meanwhile has no intention of changing his number, “No,” he said, “it will die down.”

Of course, being a cricket fan and not following basketball, Kumar is missing out on the chance to talk with some of the big names out there in the sport. What a waste!

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