Miami Homeless Refused LeBron Clothing

lebron-jersey-on-fireAfter becoming the most hated man in Ohio since, well, ever, a group in Cleveland rallied together to collect LeBron James-related Cavaliers items and send them to the homeless in Miami. The group, Break Up With Lebron urged fans to trade their LeBron gear for a t-shirt that said “It’s not us, it’s you” and promised to send the James clothing to the Miami homeless.

Unfortunately, politics seemed to have stepped in and put a delay in the plan. Apparently the mayor was less than psyched about a slew of goods with the message behind them “Hey, we don’t want this crap, please take it.” Because the homeless are a) so discerning, b) receiving a non-stop slew of brand-new designer clothes?

The clothing has yet to be distributed as these issues get sorted out. A mayoral spokesman said that His Honor is actually NOT opposed, despite the reports saying otherwise, to the plan, and also intends on donating 200 t-shirts from his previous campaign to the homeless around town. Smart move. Not only does it mean you don’t actually have to do anything to fix the problem and also hey, free advertising! Win-win.

I will say this, if you’re going to be homeless, doing it in Miami seems like a GREAT idea; I’m taking it under advisement for my (rapidly approaching) future.

[Broward Palm Beach New Times]