Mets Set a New Record! Still Suck

mets-crochetingI love the Mets, instead of trying to put a consistenly competitive team on the field, the franchise is busy trying to induce someone, ANYONE to come to the team’s beautiful brand-new stadium. While the team cut out about 11,000 seats as compared to Shea, Citi Field still saw the team draw well under capacity last year, and this season they are drawing even LESS.

So, what is a moribund franchise to do? Smart ones would look to improve the on-field product, or at least feel guilty about the fact that they have one of the highest payrolls in baseball, a middling franchise and received over $150 million in city money, of course, smart and Mets hasn’t been put together in a sentence for quite a while.

Instead, 427 fans at Saturday’s contest against the Marlins saw a Guinness record for the most people simultaneously crocheting get set. WOOOOO! They’re #1!

Inside Edition host and crocheter Deborah Norville keyed off the event, with most of the crafters using orange and blue yarn in honor of the Mets, after 15 minutes they were certified for setting the official record. The National NeedleArts Association organized the event, which was very popular, at least with the participants themselves.

The Mets went on to win 6-1, so who knows, they might need to get these folks back at the park more often. Considering how up-and-down the team has been all season, they have to consider ANYTHING that works…

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