Maradona and His Hot Cross Buns


diego-maradona-003When the Argentine soccer team arrives in South Africa for the upcoming World Cup, head coach (and soccer legend) Diego Maradona will be sitting pretty — at least when he’s dropping a deuce.

While in South Africa the Argentines will be staying at the University of Pretoria’s High Performance Centre, but when you’ve been dubbed the Hand of God, as Maradona was after his controversial 1986 goal, sometimes you get a bit of a swelled head.

Administrators at the university received a special request for the bathroom in Maradona’s rooms to be remodeled and changed.

“They felt that the basins and toilet bowls were not up to Maradona’s standards,” Colin Stier, the head of the HPC said.

The newly remodeled bathrooms will feature all-new wash basins, toilet bowls, taps, and, obviously E-Bidet luxury toilet seats. The E-Bidet, which retails for about $450 contains a heated seat, front and rear bidet wands and a warm air blow-dryer.

Sounds nice! I can only imagine that a man of such girth as Maradona has ballooned into is going to absolutely DESTROY that bathroom. They may have to just tear down the building afterwards.