Low Flyover at Football Game Leads to Pilots Grounding

Last season before their game with Wake Forest two F/A-18 Super Hornets performed the standard flyover at Georgia Tech’s Bobby Dodd Stadium. While most flyovers take place at 1,000 feet, these two jets flew over only a few hundred feet above the stadium, much to the delight of the crowd.

”However much of my tax $$ went to that, I’d gladly give it again for the same purpose,” one fan wrote on a Georgia Tech sports blog two days after the flyover. “It was INCREDIBLE.”


After the flight, the two pilots (both alums of Georgia Tech) reported the low-altitude to their superiors, explaining that they were flying using barometric altitude measurements rather than radar altitude measurements. The difference is that BAM measures feet above sea level and RAM is measured above ground level.

Both pilots were placed on probation for their actions, although some in the military believed that it was NOT accidental as the pilots claimed.

”The arguments written by prior endorsers that LCDR [Christoper] Condon’s actions were an honest mistake are not persuasive,” Rear Adm. R.J. O’Hanlon, commander of Naval Air Force Atlantic wrote. “He is a senior, very experienced department head who placed his aircraft and wingman in a very dangerous position.”

Friday the two pilots were been permanently grounded after an investigation into their actions finished.

Considering how awesomely loud and cool looking this was, I think the military made a big mistake, I will however quibble with the timing of the jets, they didn’t even get over the stadium until AFTER the anthem was over. They’re supposed to hit it on “home of the brave”!

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