LeBron to Take in OSU Game

lebron-sidelines-ohio-stateOn Saturday when the Ohio State Buckeyes square off against Miami it is likely among the thousands in attendance will be the most hated man in Ohio, LeBron James.

Many fans are angry that the lifetime Ohioan might attend the game — at the school he would have attended had he gone to college — saying they might even get violent if James were to attend. His attendance was such an issue it was brought up in coach Jim Tressel’s press conference.

“Sore subjects need to pass,” Tressel said, “Things are as they are. We all make decisions. You have to respect one another’s decisions and move on.”

Meanwhile OSU’s QB, Terrelle Pryor also is urging the fans to remain calm and ignore James’ attendance: “If LeBron does come, just treat him with respect and respect his decision,” Pryor said. “Please, no name calling, or booing, or anything like that because that’s my mentor. I have a lot of respect and a lot of love for him.”

The last time LeBron was at an OSU game was in 2008 when, with LeBron on the sidelines, Pryor failed to convert a 4th down leading to a loss against Penn State. “I told him I owe him a show,” Pryor said.

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