Kobe’s Wife’s Sweater Puppies Get Political

You might have heard all this hoopla about the recent Arizona immigration bill, I try and stay out of politics here but when an attractive woman gets involved, I’m powerless to stand by.

Previously, the main public interaction Kobe Bryant’s wife, Vanessa, had with anything Latino was her mistreatment of her Guatemalan maid, whom Vanessa had allegedly forced to reach into a bag of dog shit. The lovely Vanessa, who stood by her man after his rape trial — thanks, in some small part to that $4 million diamond ring he bought her — is half-Mexican herself although that’s rarely mentioned anywhere. So, it was with some surprise when she showed up to the Lakers’ first game against the Phoenix Suns in their Western Conference Finals series wearing a bedazzled shirt reading “Do I look illegal?”

Fortunately, she looks good in nearly anything (photographic evidence available by clicking the Read More link below)


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