Kelli Stacks Up Well Against the Competition

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When Kelli Stack, 21, was growing up in Cleveland there weren’t any girl’s hockey teams for her to play on so she played with the boys. Being the only girl on the ice made her stand out, being the best player on the ice also made her stand out. Despite playing against bigger, stronger boys, Stack was a magician on the ice with laser-sharp passes and was also willing to throw down if need be.

Recruited to come play hockey at Boston College, Stack on the ice led the Eagles to their first Frozen Four finish in her freshman year, earning the Hockey East Player of the Year and Rookie of the Year awards. Off the ice, the then 19-year-old was carrying on a salacious text message romance with her married coach, 39-year-old Tom Mutch. While both sides claim the relationship never escalated, after Stack was ratted out by a teammate about the messages, Mutch was forced to resign. How many other women in the Olympics can say their hotness drove a coach to resignation?


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