Jets Try to Bury the Past

rex-ryan-fatAfter being thoroughly throttled on national television, Jets head coach Rex Ryan got his players together on Wednesday morning. Instead of their usual morning meeting, he took them all outside to a hole dug out of the ground near one of the practice fields. There, taking one of the game balls from Monday’s shellacking, he buried it.

“We’re burying this game and all that happened Monday night,” Rex told his players.

What a MASTER motivator! I love it! I wonder where he could have possibly gotten the idea for that?

Oh wait, I know, in 2001 Bill Belichick took his players outside after they were embarrassed by the Dolphins and they buried a ball in a black box. Showing heart, several players spit on the covered dirt. The Patriots went on to win the Super Bowl that year. You might have heard about it, it was kind of a big deal. Among the staff in attendance was Rex’s twin brother Rob, who was the linebackers coach at the time. 

The Jets on the other hand didn’t spit on the ball and so have no chance of succeeding deep into the playoffs.