It’s Hard Out There for an (Indian) Pimp

commonwealth-games-prostituteThe Commonwealth Games continue and now the problems that have surrounded the games are starting to effect the secondary businesses that expected to capitalize on the event. Escort agencies in New Delhi were all prepared prior to the games, gearing up and hiring a number of new girls from all over the country and bringing them to the city in anticipation.

Unfortunately, despite a reported 5,000 – 6,000 girls being brought into the city, there are simply not enough people looking to hire the women for their “services.” In addition, a number of brothels increased space and even added amenities like LCD Tvs and other luxuries only to see a marked disinterest from the tourists in town.

“Keeping this expenditure in mind, the income generated in the first three to four days of the Games is negligible,” said Rahul, a pimp in New Delhi, “So, after proper consideration, we have started operating as tour operators to earn some quick buck in the last few days.”

In order to make their money back pimps have been forced into selling hotel packages, such as a two-night, three-day deal with girl and hotel room included. Won’t anyone think of the poor pimps.

They did say pimping ain’t easy…

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