Iron Chef Appeals to LeBron to Stay

symonbspotAs July’s free agency approaches and LeBron gets closer to making a decision about his future, fans everywhere are doing their best to persuade him to come to their city.

Whether it’s Chicago fans buying billboards, Sacramento’s LeBron song (a parody of the Thong Song) or New York’s strip clubs offering free lap dances for life, he’s receiving a myriad of interesting side offers from fans desperate to have the game’s best player join their favorite franchise.

Cleveland, which has already embarrassed itself with the “We Are LeBron” video, is trying to redeem itself through LeBron’s stomach.

Michael Symon, one of the Food Network’s Iron Chefs (and an official Slanch Report doppelganger) who is a Cleveland native and huge Cavaliers fan has made an offer in an attempt to help sway LeBron’s thinking.

Via his Facebook page, Symon offered to go to LeBron’s house once a month and cook for the star and his family and friends if he will resign with the Cavs. Calling LeBron a “class act,” Symon wants him to stay “so I can watch you finish what you started which is something not many people get to do.”

Symon certainly has something else at stake too, he recently opened two eateries in the Quicken Loans Arena and without LeBron the crowds are going to rapidly diminish.