Ice Dancing Routine Stirs Up International Controversy

domnina-shabalinAt the Olympics this year the ice dancing competition free skate’s theme is “country/folk” and among the routines expected are Moldovian folk songs, country-western tunes and from the World Champion Russian pair, an Australian Aborigine-themed dance. 

Except the Aboriginal Land Council in Australia is taking offense to the routine which they call “appalling.”

Bev Manton, chairperson of the Aboriginal Land Council said of Oksana Domnina and Maxim Shabalin’s routine that “The whole thing was a poor effort. They could have provided more respect to our culture by doing more research.”

“I just think the whole thing is offensive.”

I don’t understand what more the Aborigines want, Domnina and Shabalin said they watched Youtube videos of Aboriginal dances! I mean, really, what more is there that can be done?! Doesn’t that count as intensive and accurate research?

OK, what if we get them to promise to read some wikipedia articles too?