Hook Makes Out With Teen Wolf Too

I LOVE the Kiss Cam, when I’m at a stadium or arena and it’s time for it, there is no one in the stadium yelling louder “KISS KISS KISS!” While the Celtics decided NOT to show up last night against the Lakers for the first game of the Finals — because, really, why bother, right guys! — the celebrities were present in droves. Ever ready to acknowledge their presence, the Lakers’ camera operators found 72-year-old Dustin Hoffman in the stands with his wife and put them up on the big screen as part of the Kiss Cam.

Dustin, ever the trickster, zigged when they thought he’d zag.

Rather than planting a kiss on his wife, seated next to him, Dustin went the other way, literally, and went for a full open-mouth lip-lock with the person seated to his right, famed star of Teen Wolf Too — and official doppelganger of Slanch — Jason Bateman.

Looks hot!


I love the reaction of the guy in front of them, absolutely SHOCKED while simulataneously hoping the cute brunette thinks the camera is really on her and he gets a free kiss.

[Ball Don’t Lie]