Hockey Mad Couple Gets Wed in Style

robhill-natashaswaine-weddingIt’s pretty fair to say that the Natasha Swaine and Rob Hill are big Toronto Maple Leafs fans as evidenced by their wedding on Saturday night. 

Held at the Shearwater Flyers ice rink, the ceremony began with pederast Gary Glitter’s “Rock and Roll Part 2” and Swaine walking down the aisle in a white Leafs sweater with Wendel Clark’s name and number on the back. Her flowers were attached to a mini hockey stick.

Rob awaited her in his own Mats Sundin blue jersey along with his two children who were also in Leafs apparel. They weren’t alone, the maid of honor was wearing a Leafs jersey, although the best man wore his Montreal Canadiens uniform instead. The justice of the peace had a Team Canada uniform on, as did the photographer. Swaine’s father looked particularly dashing giving away his daughter in a referee’s uniform.

Standing at center ice, the couple exchanged their vows in front of friends and family, and 20 minor league hockey players brought in by Swaine’s father. “They tapped their sticks on the ice when the couple kissed and formed a canopy of hockey sticks for the newlyweds to walk under as they left the ice.”

After the ceremony the couple posed on the Zamboni for their photos before going to their reception, which included a cake shaped like the Stanley Cup and a TV showing the Leafs game.

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