Hockey Cheerleaders Soldier On

barrie-colts-cheerleadersWhen thinking about hockey, the first thing that comes to mind, clearly, is cheerleaders. But now, some of the Ontario Hockey League’s finest ladies are “scared for their lives” after opposing fans sexually taunted, threw items and allegedly threatened the Barrie Colts’ cheerleaders.

These gamers though won’t be daunted, they’re planning on being in attendance for Tuesday’s game 4 in the OHL championships despite Barrie being down 0-3.

As the series opened, the Barrie fans found themselves getting nailed with boxes of macaroni, a fan giveaway as a noisemaker — talk about LAME giveaways! It was just a precursor as to what was to come.

“When Barrie started losing, we started getting towels thrown at us and like, water bottles and stuff, and just, people being really rude and disrespectful,” said Denise Adamson, the coach of the Barrie Colts Dance Crew.

“It was just very unsportsmanlike, in the way that, like, I understand it’s the game of hockey, and it’s the nature of the sport, but there’s a limit,” Adamson continued.

“They pushed it to the limit, because we were coming out of the arena after the game and we waited until the fans were mostly gone, but we had one fan that just took it to the next level. He had tied together a bunch of towels like a noose and had threatened to kill us and hang us.”


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