Friday Night Lights’ New Rookie Sensation

Tonight, NBC will begin airing season 4 of the best drama on network television, Friday Night Lights. If you haven’t been watching — and judging by the ratings and NBC’s complete mishandling of the show you haven’t — you’re missing out on some of the best acting on TV, some of the most engrossing and engaging stories and characters of the people in Dillon, Texas.

Start watching it now, this season (which already aired on DirecTV in the fall) is almost like a new series as most of the previous characters have graduated and the main characters, Coach Taylor and his wife and daughter (the delectable Aimee Teegarden) are all entering new situations. Please watch the show, not for me, do it for yourself, do it to send a message to networks that you’d rather see beautiful television played out rather than “Are You Fatter Than A 5th Grade Celebrity” and other similar crap.

One of the newcomers to the show is the 19-year-old Madison Burge. Super-cute, she plays Becky Sproles, a beauty pageant competitor who lives with her mom outside of Dillon. She strikes up a friendship with Tim Riggins (Taylor Kitsch) who ends up renting the trailer in her mom’s backyard. This is a good thing because it means plenty of screen time for the gorgeous Burge.