Flyers Fans Less Than Smart, Not So Nice

Philadelphia’s fans get a bad rap as we’ve seen, especially recently (here, here), then again, sometimes they DESERVE their bad reputation.

After game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals, between the Philly Flyers and Canadiens, Montreal Gazette reporter Patrick V. Hickey went out to the parking lot to his car, a 350K+ mile Honda Civic. Featuring Quebec plates on the car, Hickey discovered that Flyers fans had slashed his tires and stolen his license plate.


In addition, two Canadian TV trucks were vandalized.

The best piece of douchebaggery though, comes via Marc-Antoine Godin of La Presse, who Tweeted this gem:


Well done Philly school-system. What a foolish city.

And yes I’m still pissed that the Bruins choked miserably against the Flyers.

[Habs Inside Out]